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"Our task is to learn how to see the vegetable being so that each plant appears as an organ within the universal organism that is the vegetable world. We must be able to look at each plant as part of the entire being."
[ Rudolf Steiner ]
Man and Nature are part of a harmonious world as manifestations of a single eternal and infinite Being.

Man should go along with Nature and cooperate with it, rather than trying vain less to dominate it. With this awareness I chose to dedicate myself to Biodynamic. There are no recipes to be applied mechanically, just observation and understanding to create the necessary empathy with the vines and the environment in which they grow.

It entails an unspoken dialogue with the vines, as each vineyard has its own individuality within the natural-system structure, and at the same time it is a system open to the surrounding world; every sign manifests the sense of capturing the forces that act on the vitality of the soil and, consequently, of the vegetables.

Rudolf Steiner's preparations and herbal infusions are the link with the forces of Nature that act on the environment, stressing with its ancestral balance.