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Nebbiolo coming from massal selection and growing on Sant’Agata Fossili Marl soil: an elegant and never overrated wine of distinction with a great personality.
Soil and exposure
Two parcels of about 8.000 sq/mt with south slope exposure. This is the unique area where you can find “The Marls of Sant’ Agata Fossili” mostly silt (60%) and clay (29%).

The vineyard was planted in 2010. The choice of Nebbiolo was due both to increasing the biodiversity and because the variety was already planted in the Asti area in 13th century as Pietro de’ Crescenzi reminds us. It was the first wine-plant made following the biodynamic method scrupulously, so considering the astral situation, too. The choice of vines was made with great care 75% comes from massal selection and only 25% clonal, the rootstock is rigorously the Rupestris du Lot.

Vinification and Refinement
The grapes are softly vinified in wooden vat, maceration follows the vintage. The fermentation is spontaneous, of course. The refinement can last long time, even more than 4 years; depending on the vintage. As per The Renaissance des Appellations rules the wines do not have treatments neither clarifies. The only oenological coadjutant allowed is the sulfur dioxide inferior to 70mg/lt.

Piediferro combines class and elegance together with a distinct austerity. An ideal mate for games or for the winter evenings together in front of the fire.