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The region
"Agliano, a distinguished land, located on a delightful fruit-bearing hill between Asti and Nizza della Paglia, whose wines of every kind and every color are still in great esteem today."
[ V. Malacarne 1786 ]
The Agliano region, in addition to being nestled amidst magnificent picturesque hills, boasts a wide geo-pedological variation in its terrain.

Marly-calcareous soils are found alongside others that are typically silty, clay-like or chalky, creating an interesting mosaic of vineyards where generations of winemakers have been able to combine the best of their cultivation techniques with the local terrain.

In this distinguished region, the quality of the Barbera grape variety reaches a very high standard throughout the area and is readily perceived in its wines imbued with great personality, often quite different one from the other.

I could describe the wines as original, textured and long-living, but this would amount to merely trivializing the experience, for I am convinced that any further description of this kind would deprive the enthusiast of the pleasure of discovering the differences that better distinguish the wines of this great region.