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The warm balance of the marl creates harmony between structure and acid vibration in the wine. Gradale is a classic expression of the union between the variety of the grape and the soil.
Soil and exposure
Gradale comes from several parcels that have in common the soil: the typical calcareous marly, hazel in colour, the position of the vineyards varies from south-east to south-west.

Barbera vines coming from selection a bit from massal a bit from clones, planted between 1955 and 1978 which gives 5.000 stocks /ha. The vines haves deep roots and balanced vegetation, they produce constantly and moderately. In some vintages the horn-silica helps to moderate the limestone in order that the grapes are rich and balanced.

Vinification and Refinement
The grapes are vinified in cement tanks and the fermentation is spontaneous. The vatting time lasts about 3 weeks. The refinement is in barriques of third passage, the time depending on the vintage. As per the Renaissance des Appelations Rules the wines do not have treatments neither clarifies. The only oenological coadjutant allowed is the sulphur dioxide inferior to 50mg/lt.

Gradale is the classical expression of the Barbera which grows on the calcareous soil. Deep and gently, the fruit is in harmony with the spicy notes. This wine is alive and sensitive, it can be able to open but also close along with the rhythm of the seasons. It can happen that in its youth it could be a bit inward-looking, no worries. You can let it breathe some hours and wait a little bit: it will give its best!